Dj Patrick El Clasico straight from Geneva, Switzerland, gave a top performance in our volume 8 party, with pure old school flavour, consistency and rare grooves that kept the dance floor hot, full and explosive! Not to forget our very own DJ Erick the Saint who kept dancers on their toes with his top tunes and talent.

The sound was enhanced by live percussion from our rotating talented musicians on the night and of course the dancers that brought top expression and kept the room in high temperatures! Thank you also to our guest salsa teacher Miguel for the opening class and the choreography of the stylish show ’Tumbao’ from Mambonito Performance Team.

Dj Patrick El Clasico, Geneva, Switzerland

As a teenager, he developed a passion for vinyl records and started mixing electronic music. He discovered salsa in 1998 in a concert. He initially started to dance and soon got interested in Salsa music. His passion for Salsa led him to collect vinyl records to access music that is not available on Cds. This collection has become a new passion added to the one of salsa dancing. In 2008, he decided to share his musical discoveries with the dancers and became Dj Patrick El Clásico. He chose this name in honour of Old School Salsa. His playlists are thus mainly composed of Old School Salsa, Guaguanco, Mambo, Latin Jazz, Pachanga, Cha cha cha, Guajira and Boogaloo.

Check his quality Mambo night in Geneva: Mambo Fever



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