In our volume 6 salsa dura on vinyls party we saw the talented musician and dj, Alexis Rodriguez, originally from Cuba, for one night only, playing a top salsa set accompanied live by his trumpet! Unique feel, flavour and musicality added also by our opening Venezuelan Dj Henry Bravo and great flavoursome Pachanga show & class by 'Sabor y Bembe'


Dj Alexis Rodriguez, Lisbon, Portugal

Alexis Rodriguez is of Cuban decent however currently based in Portugal and is known as one of the pioneers in collecting and djing latin vinyl records alongside his fellow comrades Nuno & Joao. Being a musician himself he plays the trumpet - another major passion of his - in a Cuban ensemble. Alexis and his partners promote and hold an event that takes place in Lisbon, Portugal where they spin only latin vinyl records, called Lisbon Salsa Vinyl Sessions.

Visit his event page here: LisbonVinySalsalRecords



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