Volume 4 was a blast with a great selection of top salsa dura tunes and a good sprinkle of bachata on vinyls by the talented Dj Eric B! He brought exceptional energy on the dancefloor and kept everyone on their toes.

Also beautiful, elegant show from the stunning couple, Gormack & Chanel, and a great opening set from Dj Jamil Bacha! 


Dj Eric B, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eric B is currently residing and based in the Netherlands after Djing for several years and living in the US. Catch him on his youtube channel for his several amazingly awesome energetic video clip presentations. EricB has been presenting beautiful tunes that he has been stumbling across through his years of collecting records educating audiences worldwide. Dj EricB specializes in Old School Mambo, Cha-Cha and Guaguanco but has indepth knowledge and caters for all types of latin rhythms.

check his awesome youtube channel:


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