What a fantastic groove, with a burning atmosphere (literally...) and floor! Music was of premium quality by the veteran Dj Alex Gee who kept the floor on fire and our fantastic host Dj Erick the Saint! The prestigious Lambeth Town Hall was on full salsa swing thanks to all who attended!


DJ Alex Gee - Colombia/Netherlands

Original from Colombia DJ Alex Gee has the Latin beats in his roots. As a DJ, he started his career in 1998 in the Netherlands, his repertoire is not limited to Afro-Caribbean and Latin music, but covers all musical forms such as funk, soul, disco to deep house. Since 2009 he is among other things producing his own tracks, he shows again where his roots are from, swinging tracks filled with brass instruments and tropical drums, but he can also makes you float with his deep and soulful beats.



DJ Erick the Saint, Dominican Republic/UK

Our talented host and founder of I LIKE IT LIKE THAT, Erick has established himself as one of the top Salsa DJs in the UK. Brought up in the Dominican Republic he was enthused from an early age into Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and other latin music styles, a passion he brought with him when he crossed the Atlantic. He started collecting music since his teens and DJ-ed in house parties before moving to bars and larger events in the Dominican Republic. Since moving to the UK in 2001, he immediately took on the London Salsa scene, Dj-ing in popular Latin venues and becoming a favourite resident DJ; a privilege he is honoured to continue today for many UK events (Salsa on Sundays, El Grande, Salsateca, Ola Latina). Erick has over 17 years Dj-ing under his belt, travelling around the UK and Europe to play in well-established venues and festivals as well as close to two decades of collecting music. In the last 4 years he has also moved on to hosting his own salsa and latin urban nights. He is the soul and creator of ‘I like it like that, salsa dura on vinyl’