THANK YOU all wonderful salser@s for joining us in our first musical adventure at our new venue - we had a fantastic time, you warmed the place up & made it yours in an instant 🙂 the dancefloor was HOT with awesome dancers with the fantastic djs burning the decks, while every part of the venue from the chillout area to the bar, corridors and dancefloor was filled up with beauty, smiles and such a warm, beautiful atmosphere 🙂

THANK YOU Dj El Perucho for your blazing tunes and DJ Rocha, you guys, rocked the decks!

We were star-studded by the talented and explosive debut shows from the amazing Andrea Stewart Student Ladies Show and' Mamberas - Lady Broadway' show by Katrin Lerner! Ladies, you put fire on that floor 🙂


Polito El Perucho,

was born in 1979 during the golden era of salsa and started his experiences in the latin scene as a steady clubber, until his fellow dancers widened his knowledge on latin music; since then, he began to collect rare vinyl discs focusing on peculiar orchestras, such as those playing Peruvian guaracha and underground guaguancó (just to mention a few genres), yet always keeping in mind to be a dancer, hence selecting danceable tunes that could meet the dancers’ taste whilst surprising them with hard-to-find ones.

Throughout his young career, he already acted as Resident DJ during major events such as Switzerland Salsa Festival, Mamboland, Lasalsavive Yearly Birthday Event, Tuscany Mambo Festival, Salsa On Tour Event in addition to numerous hosting at notable Clubs in Milan area such as the renowned temple of salsa Luna Rossa and at various social parties in Tuscany, Torino, Veneto, Switzerland, Lausanne and Bern.

Polito El Perucho is a member of the Dj Crew “Anita y su Fusion Combo” which organises successful venues throughout the North of Italy.


Diego Rocha, Equador | UK

Dj Diego Rocha, originally from Equador, is a long-established salsa dj in the London latin scene, hosting his own events as well as being resident dj in some of the longest-running latin parties in London. Once again he will be revisiting the ILILT decks to remind us how flavour and swing is injected back into salsa with his fine vinyl gems; Listening to his set, you will be asking for more!