Beautiful vibe, lovely dancers and top music from invited awesome Dj Pablo Bat and our fantastic host Dj Erick the Saint! Thank you to Alvaro, our talented conguero and thank you to our resident beautiful artist Andrea Stewart and invited teacher Basil Pinnock for the top salsa classes! Thank you also to the beautiful ladies from both performing teams for lighting up the dance floor !


The music behind the Djs


DJ Pablo Bat, Argentina/Spain

Pablo Marielli, artistically known as Dj BAT, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 1st of July 1973. He has been working as a professional Dj for over 20 years with great dedication and passion. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about music, especially son among others like Salsa, Mambo and Chachacha. His special style of salsa is to grab the attention and enthusiasm of dancers by combining today’s music with old-school: the roots, the legends, the interpreters, orchestras and history., offering dancers an opportunity to dance to music beyond popular/commercial tracks.

His work has been recognised during all these years in all over America, Europe and Asia, like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, United States of America, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal, France, Denmark, Romania, Finland and UAE, being the winner of important awards and recognitions that value both his performance, contribution and dedication.

In addition, he was a member of the Team of the internationally recognized Bacardi de la Salsa Congress with which he traveled the world, representing and playing for it. Currently, he is one of the official DJs of the new Puerto Rico Salsa Congress event. For this reason, in July 2010, and for the tenth consecutive year, he will perform at this great event that takes place in Puerto Rico. However his work not only focuses on dedicating himself to DJing and transmitting his experience through music, he also acts within the business field, in the Organization of Events and Audiovisual Productions. Thus, he has done works for artists such as Johnny Vázquez Imperio Azteca, Tropical Gem, Tito and Tamara, 2x4 Mambo, Luis Vázquez, Pablo and Diana, Stacey Lopez, Roi and Talia, Salsaopen Spain, Salsaopen Puerto Rico, Marcos Ferrigno, Ron Brugal Spain Championship and many more. In addition, he works as a producer and radio and event broadcaster, sound and lighting technician, as well as staging producer of musical groups. This trajectory and experience make Dj Bat a Professional Dee Jay in the musical field.

Read more about his career and awards on his official page:


Dj Erick the Saint, Dominican Republic/UK

Erick Lopez known as DJ Erick The Saint, has established himself as one of the top Salsa DJs in the UK. Brought up in the Dominican Republic he was enthused from an early age into Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and other latin music styles, a passion he brought with him when he crossed the Atlantic.

He started collecting music since his teens and DJ-ed in house parties before moving to bars and larger events in the Dominican Republic. Since moving to the UK in 2001, he immediately took on the London Salsa scene, Dj-ing in popular Latin venues and becoming a favourite resident DJ; a privilege he is honoured to continue today for many UK events (Salsa on Sundays, El Grande, Salsateca, Ola Latina).

Erick has over 17 years Dj-ing under his belt, travelling around the UK and Europe to play in well-established venues and festivals as well as close to two decades of collecting music.

In the last 4 years he has also moved on to hosting his own salsa and latin urban nights. He is the soul and creator of ‘I like it like that, salsa dura on vinyl’.



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