We enjoyed such incredible vibe on our volume 21 party! We didn’t stop dancing and shared great times with you all, under the best tunes from awesome Dj OJ and Dj Jamil. All involved, from the djs to the artists and you salser@s, rocked the dancefloor with your beauty and talent! Thank you Dj OJ for the fantastic music, hope you visit us soon again, thank you to talented Dj Jamil, it was good to have back on the decks Thank you to the beautiful and talented Gresy Ann Lady,  straight from Salerno, Italy and the graceful ladies show from Caramelo team, such beauty all round! 


The music behind the Djs



He started DJing in Egypt since 2008, with an extensive experience in playing all kinds of Latin music that suits all tastes and crowds. Due to his unique musical passion and sharing love through good music. He has been building up his own Vinyls collection from all over the world and playing them at many several hot events and festivals, both locally and internationally in different cities around the world from the Far East to the west sharing his tracks with all nations and communities.

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Dj Jamil

Jamil Bacha is based in London, from where he takes his distinctive salsa sounds and innovative teaching to dancers around the UK and Europe. His passion as a DJ is to play rich, expressive music that gives the dancers the canvas on which to create their dance and express themselves.

He is resident DJ at the Boston Music Room, London’s leading mambo social, and is a regular guest at the world-famous Salsa On Sundays. He has also appeared at many of the UK’s top events, including Cafe Mambo in Nottingham, Smooth Salsa in Birmingham and Abanico in Bristol.

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