I LIKE IT LIKE THAT vol.20 commemorated our 20th party edition since our inception in June 2014 (yes we are still young :-), celebrating 20 parties, 32 talented djs (21 international, 11 UK), 27 beautiful performance teams and teachers, many passionate musicians and above all YOU who have been supporting us and enjoying salsa music with us.

For our anniversary we brought a killer duo of DJs: 2 international maestros who have marked the salsa scene for many decades now and still spreading their unique musical touch across the world.  

Two parties over a weekend, Saturday night, 17th of March, at our beloved regular club, in Holborn, Central London (Saw Swee Hock Centre) and an afternoon party on Sunday, in a relaxed atmosphere in the middle of the buzzing Pop Brixton market.

Our awesome djs truly excelled!

  • Dj Nilson Diaz, Toronto, Canada, who initiated I LIKE IT LIKE THAT, being the first invited dj who established and persuaded us that this musical concept is a keeper and the beginning of many amazing times ahead :-) he truly shared his passion, talent and in-depth knowledge.
  • Dj Mulato, Paris, France,  a renowned Dj of the highest calibre, a passionate music/vinyl collector and one of the first organisers of vinyl-only parties in Europe, SAL-SOUNDS 70’s - a high-quality well-established event of awesome music and great atmosphere that cannot be missed when you are visiting Paris! He is a true Connoisseur of salsa music and a dj who will  steal your heart with his awesome sets!

The music, the vibe, the people, the DJs were ON FIRE!

With an electrifying atmosphere and packed house, the records were spinning, speakers singing & dancers  pirouetting..we were in true musical heaven! The djs blew our socks off and our beloved conguero Alvaro gave a true performance on the congas.


our invited Djs


Dj Nilson Diaz

Born in the Dominican Republic, DJ Nilson Diaz Gomez arrived in Canada 1998 and brought with him just a few salsa records, cds, and a deep love and passion for the flavour of the music and dance. Being a professional dancer in Puerto Plata, he also had a strong feel for the unique and 'danceable’ rhythms the music had to offer. It was that same love and passion for salsa that spawned his professional DJ career in Toronto, 2001. Today, DJ Nilson's rare and beautiful salsa music collection consists of over 4000 Vintage Lps and Cds! Dj Nilson has been DJing for the past 14 years in many places in the Americas and Europe.

Check his blog here: http://djnilsonsalsadura.blogspot.co.uk/

Dj Mulato

"Es El Sonido Que Dicta La Ley"
A native of Guadeloupe " West Indies " by my mother, I like the Afro-Caribbean music, kompas, zouk, salsa..Have been a long-time collector of vinyl 33t - 45t - Cds, making it a big part of my life as a Dj. One aspiration: how to live and share my passion with others.
SAL'SOUNDS 70'S was born in 2008 with Ben-J aka Benjamin. We developed a concept, an ideology, a sensitivity, a positive energy: our passion to be shared with the dancers with the main rule that it needs to convey joy.

Meetings, opportunities, collaborate with DJs, dancers, organizers: build me.
All these wonderful people have sent me this need to play the ITS.
Without all these people who love music, Salsa and who follow me in all my adventures,  Dj MULATO SAL'SOUNDS 70's would not be.



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