Autumn brought us an awesome treat, from Switzerland, Dj Galante and Colombia/UK, Dj Naranjo who definitely added another memorable salsa journey to our music/dance diaries. Both avid record collectors and talented Djs, they rocked the dancefloor with a great mix from our beloved genre of salsa. A fantastic combination of djs! Great show by Dance2Salsa 'Hombres en Clave' and a truly awesome class by the beloved Andrea Stewart and the incredible Jhesus Aponte who gave such a thorough and very enjoyable breakdown of fantastic movement, rhythm and partner work. The night however, was truly stolen by all the salser@s who attended and brought that electric atmosphere - a musical heaven - thank you all! 


Dj Naranjo, UK / Colombia

Avid collector of fine salsa records through many years, Victor Naranjo showcased his flavour and in-depth knowledge at I LIKE IT LIKE THAT with a top selection of tracks from all walks of salsa. A dj to watch out for :-)  


Dj Galante, Switzerland

DJ Galante from Switzerland did his first steps as DiscJockey in the mid 90ies. First he started doing R&B, Funk&Soul gigs in several clubs. 
In the year 1997 he descovered his passion for SALSA during a 3-month stage in London, namely going out to the well-known Salsa Bar at Leicester Square. Thereafter the phenomenon SALSA became an addiction for him. First he traveled several times to many countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Mexico in order to learn about the roots of the music, dance and the related cultures which were involved in it. Meanwhile after almost 20 years SALSA relationship and 8 years as a Salsa-DJ, DJ Galante has become one of the well known and most booked names in the Swiss Salsa scene. In the last years, DJ Galante played also in many International Festivals like Switzerland Salsafestival, Austria Salsafestival, Steps To Get It Salsafestival, etc.
Because of his great experience and excellent music collection he plays various styles of the Salsa music. As a extraordinary speciality he is one of few DJ's in Switzerland who is capable to run a whole gig with his big VINYL collection. DJ Galante plays with great passion and sure you will recognize this when listening to his music while enjoying and dancing...