An unforgettable night of the highest energy and passion from all artists and dancers. Our invited djs burned the dance floor with blazing tracks keeping the atmosphere upbeat, warm and relaxed. Everyone participating contributed to a truly fantastic night; from the talent of the artists on the decks, the incredible DJ SESAR and fantastic DJ DIEGO to the talent and pure quality shows of both MILEYDIS and KAT & EDDIE, the crazy talent of ALVARO on the congas and all of YOU, the beautiful people who are making salsa an amazing community to be part of. A true pleasure and a night to remember, for us for sure and hopefully for you too :-) VIVA LA SALSA!


DJ Sesar, Ischia, Italy

Sesar has been a Dj since 1997 working in many locations in Italy including Catania, Bologna, Naples, Palermo, Florence as well as playing for major events and festivals in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Greece 

Collecting vinyl has kept his passion for salsa alive for decades which he has shared online with us for many years through his top online salsa dura radio: 


Dj Diego Rocha, Equador/UK

Dj Diego Rocha, originally from Equador, has been collecting some serious vinyl gems and djing in salsa parties for years both in his home country and London; an experienced and long-established Dj in the London Latin Salsa scene.



We had the honour to watch first the debut show from the beautiful MILEYDIS from Andrea Stewart who has been one of the most talented pioneers in the UK Salsa scene. After 6 years away from the stage her comeback did not disappoint, it re-established her status as one of the most graceful and talented artists in the UK salsa scene. 

We also had the immense pleasure to watch the very talented and passionate couple Kat & Eddie from Escencia Libre perform a sharp and powerful show and give a very high standard class to dancers at the beginning of the night. 


Thank you for your feedback :-)