We stepped into the next round of party compilations with a quality and flavoursome set of salsa on vinyl this time from Athens, Greece, with talented Dj and vinyl collector Giannis Rigalos. Together with Dj Mark Johnson they rocked the floor with powerful tunes and a great musical atmosphere. A true indulgement! Also a very beautiful and stylish show from well-established UK salsa school, Latin Ice Academy.


Dj Giannis Rigalos, Athens, Greece

An experienced and passionate music lover and record collector of over 10 years, Giannis has been and continues to Dj for many top salsa events in Greece and Turkey. He will join us for volume 11 in our new venue where our focus still lies in the quality of the music, the sound system, the relaxed atmosphere, bigger space, better facilities and service. 


DJ Mark Johnson, Leeds, UK

Our opening Dj Mark Johnson from Leeds, also a passionate music collector and dj with his own top salsa vinyl event in Leeds. Mark has been dancing since 2010, DJ'ing since 2013 when he set up Salsa Rocks in Leeds with Rahul Sharma. Inspired by 'I Like It Like That' he now organises his own popular Salsa on Vinyl night up north - Salsa Rocks Grande. Mark is a keen collector of Salsa music new and old, and has an ever growing collection of Vinyl records. For Mark finding new music is a passion, but the real joy is getting to share it with dancers. As a DJ his aim is to create a set with good flow whilst keeping the sounds fresh. 

Please visit his event here:https://www.facebook.com/events/475098796014661


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