** CELEBRATING vol.1-10 **

**Dj Mayimbe from Los Angeles, USA** for 1 night only! 
**NEW VENUE** 600+ capacity, fully equipped bar, air-conditioned
**FREE PROMO AUDIO CD**: our 10 International DJs sharing their favourite songs!
**Show by Yanet Fuentes & Alexander Ali**

Lopez Brothers Ntertainment celebrated its anniversary with an incredible lineup of artists! Invited guest Dj Mayimbe straight from Los Angeles, United States blew our minds with PREMIUM SALSA QUALITY :-) Thank you Dj Mayimbe for your top set, experience and humble spirit! Let's not forget to thank our resident top UK dj Erick the Saint and creator of I Like it Like that who played a quality set of salsa bangers! Also thank you to the great talent showcased by the unique Yanet Fuentes and her partner Alejandro Ali, and the fun, informative & full of flavour salsa class by the top talents of Yanet Fuentes and Roy Ruiz, coming all the way from the USA. 

We celebrated in style our first set of 10 party compilations with 10 international Djs as well as all our UK Djs and artists who helped us build ‘I like it like that’; in a new bigger well-equiped venue with a blasting quality sound system and you, beautiful people who have been the back-bone of the success of 'I like it like that'.


Party feedback from the party:

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Dj Mayimbe, Los Angeles, USA

Born in Guatemala, raised in Los Angeles, at a younger age he was part of the underground House, Techno, Drum & Base scene In LA. In 1994 after his father’s death he started playing some of his dad’s records (Salsa, Rumba, Cha chacha), igniting his passion for the genre. Part of the Los Angeles original vinyl movement & member of the first vinyl group “Mambo OnWax” he is L.A. resident Dj and playing at some of the best socials & clubs in Southern California; including The Mambo Outlet (resident Mambo Inc social) , Melomano social (resident San Diego) I ‘heart’ Mambo Social SF (resident), Mambo pica pica (Seattle) and the list goes on..Also has worked and played alongside Tito Allen, Frankie Morales, Javier Vazquez, Adalberto Santiago, Lebron Brothers, Primi Cruz, Boogaloo Assassins, Frankie Figueroa, Yolanda Rivera, Tony Molina, as well as played in several festivals & congresses across the States and Canada.



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